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How To Take A Good Picture For Bookstagram

I recently started playing with some filters for my Instagram/Bookstagram pictures and found a color palette and setting that suited me. I'll explain how to take a good picture for your Bookstagram in a couple of easy steps.

1. Make sure there's enough lighting

When you're taking a picture you have to make sure everything is fully visible. You should be taking the picture in a room with some good natural lighting or good spots.

2. Choose a theme

When posting book pictures on bookstagram you should choose a theme. You can go with a cool themed Instagram or a warm themed one. Of course you can change your theme whenever you want to.

3. Use the same elements in your photos

People like to recognise elements that are specific to your pictures. Use some lights or some confetti in every picture. People will remember that special element.

4. Do not overkill

Placing cute stuff in your photos is really fun and all until you can't see the book anymore. Go easy on all the accessories and make sure your book is the centre of the picture.

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